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Undergraduate Module Descriptors 2012/13

BE6010: Core Strength: Dissertation

Module Title Core Strength: Dissertation
Module Code BE6010
Module Tutor Rachel J Eperjesi
School Institute of Education and Public Services
CAT Points 30
Level of Study 6
Pre-requisites Before taking this module you must pass BE5005 and pass BE5006 and pass BE5007
Co-requisites None
Restrictions Available only to students on the BEd (Hons) Primary Education / BA Primary Professional Education programmes
Brief Description

This module provides students with the opportunity to develop a strength in English/Maths/Science Education (one to be selected) through engagement with the following strands:

Subject knowledge

Subject pedagogy

Critical reflection and analysis


Students will then use an action-research model to develop their knowledge and understanding of the relevance of research to the reflective primary practitioner. Enquiry skills will be developed through the critical evaluation of published research, the design and implementation of a small-scale study related to children's learning in the chosen subject and the development of well-supported, coherent analyses and arguments.

Indicative Syllabus

Through taught sessions and an enhanced level of associated independent study, and through undertaking the small-scale action research project, students will have the opportunity to develop:

Subject knowledge: develop an enhanced knowledge of the chosen subject at their own level and a good knowledge of primary school curriculum content for the chosen subject

Subject pedagogy: develop a good understanding of children's learning and barriers to progress in the chosen subject

Critical reflection and analysis: develop a critical approach to literature about children's learning and a critical and analytical approach to discussing children's learning in the chosen subject.


Subject knowledge and pedagogy will be appropriate to the subject selected (English/Maths/Science).


There will be a focus on ensuring that students are able to provide effective learning opportunities for all pupils, with a focus on an understanding of the three principles of inclusion: setting suitable learning challenges; responding to pupils’ diverse learning needs; overcoming potential barriers to learning and assessment for individuals and groups of pupils.


Through taught elements and associated independent study, students will be introduced to the issues pertaining to the initiation and management of a small-scale action research project. This, together with drawing upon critical evaluation of published research and other scholarly texts, will enable students to design, implement and present the findings of their action research project.

Learning Outcomes

A student passing this module should be able to:

1. Demonstrate an enhanced level of subject knowledge (in the selected subject)

2. Demonstrate understanding of learning theories related to their selected subject, and the impact these may have on pedagogy

3. Demonstrate the ability to reflect critically and analytically on the teaching and learning process

4. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research methods appropriate to effective practitioners

5. Plan and undertake a small-scale study, including the collection of data, in an ethical and professional manner

6. Present and communicate the study undertaken coherently, using English in a manner appropriate for an intending teacher

Learning and Teaching Activities Scheduled Contact Hours: 60
Independent Learning Hours: 240
Assessment (For further details see the Module Guide) 001: 100% Coursework: Individual, dissertation/project: 2500 words or equivalent
Special Assessment Requirements
Indicative Resources

The Library Catalogue contains full details of the current reading list for this module. Further details may also be found in the Module Guide.

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